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Dental Assistant

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What is a True Dental Emergency

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Questions and  Answers / Symptoms

Ask the patient: Must be seen today! See as soon as possible tomorrow or this week See when available
“On a scale of 1 to 10 how badly are you hurting?” Pain level 7 to 10 Pain level 4 to 6 Pain level 3 or below
“How often does it hurt?” Hurts “all the time” Intermittent pain Intermittent / Mild / No pain  (circle)
“How long have your been hurting?” This level for a week or less This level of pain for a month or less Had these symptoms over a month
“Describe the type of pain or discomfort you feel” Throbbing Broken tooth, lost a filling (circle) Chip tooth, broken filling (circle)
“What medication have you taken?” Perscription or over counter Regurlarly taking tylenol, advil, etc None or occationally tylenol, etc
“If you took medicine, how did it affect the pain?” Pain not relieved by medication Pain relieved by over counter med Responds quickly to medication
“How well are you sleeping at night?” Keeps patient awake at night Able to sleep with medication Able to sleep
“How does hot and cold affect the tooth or area?” Heat / Cold increases pain (circle) Sensitivity stops within 30 seconds, Not affected by Hot or Cold
“How does the tooth feel when you bite on it?” Causes pain, doesn’t go away Biting causes pain, goes away fast Mild discomfort or no pain
“What occurred to make the tooth begin to hurt?” Unknown cause Bit down on something Sweets  (candy) caused it to hurt
Bit down on something hard Other (write here):
“Have you noticed any other   symptoms? Fever Swelling Discoloration – red, black  (Circle)
Urgency for appointment Needs to be seen today Wants to be seen asap Willing to wait
“Are there recent x-rays?” No Yes No



How to Get Images From Your Camera on to Your Computer (PC)

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Before you start to transfer images to your computer, you must first decide how to organize your images and where on the computer you are going to put them. For example, here at the lab we keep all patient images in one folder called “Patient Images.” Think of this main folder as a file cabinet – one of those metal vertical cabinets in which yellowish file folders containing information is kept. The way we organize images in this main folder is through a series of folders, as seen in the image on the right. The first level of folders is organized by doctor’s names. Within the doctor’s folder is another level of folders labeled with the patient’s name. This may sound confusing, but when organizing your images on the computer, try to relate it to the idea of a filing cabinet with folders within folders. Before images can be put on your computer, some folders need to be created. This instruction sheet is going to walk you through the type of image organization we have at BVDL. Once you are comfortable with the general principles of image transfer, you may choose a different way of organizing your photos.

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Pages from Transferring-Photos-Camera-to-Computer-to-CD

Transferring Photos Camera to Computer to CD (996)

Predictable Cementation of All Ceramic Dental Restorations: The “Noah” Technique”

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by Robert A. Lowe, D.D.S., F.A.G.D., F.I.C.D., F.A.D.I., F.A.C.D. 


Delivery of the Definitive Restoration

Creation of an ideally prepared tooth and its detail being “captured” in a master impression are critical steps in the indirect dental restorative process. All can be for naught if a meticulous delivery technique is not followed. Most indirect definitive restorations are crafted with precision on carefully trimmed dies machined with pin placement to align the preparations on the cast in the exact position relative to one another as they appear in the patients’ oral cavity. The final test of accuracy, however, is in the patients’ mouth. Many times ceramic reconstructions may appear to have perfect fit and contact on the master dies relative to one another, yet require adjustment when tried in the patient. This is to be expected from time to time when dealing with an indirect fabrication method. It is also true that multiple adjacent restorations may appear to have perfect fit and proximal contact upon try in only to have a slightly altered fit after cementation. This can mean a remake if the restoration is placed in an improper position and it cannot be recovered before the set of the cement. Some clinicians espouse a “multiple cementation technique” placing eight to ten restorations at one time. This can often lead to a disastrous result, if even one restoration is placed in a slightly altered position affecting the correct seating of the remaining units.

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Take Home Instructions and Power Bleaching Photoreactive Drug Information

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The following medications are commonly considered to be photoreactive and may cause an adverse condition if used in conjunction with the Power Bleaching solutions. If you are currently taking any of these medications, please consult with your physician before going through with bleaching procedure. To check photoreactive properties of any medications not listed below, please consult the most recent edition of the Physician’s Drug Reference (PDR).

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Phone Questions for Venus Professional Whitening

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What types of tooth whitening options do you provide for patients?

Oceanfront Dentistry is proud to offer several tooth whitening options to our patients, including in-office and take-home systems. Venus is the name of the Whitening systems we use in the office.  Each of these options has been chosen for the consistent results and comfort they provide to our patients.

Will tooth whitening really make my teeth whiter?

Yes. The tooth whitening systems we offer have proven to consistently whiten our patients’ teeth by several shades. The only exceptions are individuals whose teeth are chemically stained or genetically dark, and which therefore cannot be affected by traditional tooth whitening systems. The Dr’s. Of Oceanfront Dental may recommend Porcelain Veneers to accomplish your whitening goals. Read more

Materials List

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Bio Research 8002512315

BioJVA Joint Vibration Analysis


JT 3 Jaw Tracker

TekScan II

EMG/ Tscan

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Resource Documents

The following documents are available for download. If you have any questions, please email Shannon at

Dental Divas: Taking Dental Assisting to the Next Level

As a dental assistant, you hold a key position in your dental practice. Through networking with other assistants and dental practices, our goal is to help provide useful information to take you and your practice to the next level. We want you to become the best dental assistant you can be!

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