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Protemp™ Plus Temporization Material Very GoodVery GoodVery GoodVery GoodVery Good

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by 3M ESPE

CPS Team gives Protemp Plus by 3M ESPE  a 4.5 Diamond rating.

The CPS Evaluation Team combine product review for the whole team consisting of dentists, assistants, hygienists, patient coordinators and the dental laboratory review this product. CPS produced the following comments and reviews following its evaluation.


A bis-arcylic temporization material enhanced with nanotechnology that produces a smooth, glossy surface by simply cleaning the temporary with alcohol. The material comes in 5 florescent shades A1, A2, A3 B3 and Bleach. It is indicated for short or long-term temporization of single and multiple unit crowns, veneers, bridges, inlays and onlays.



The Evaluators received a refill pack, which contained an A2, 67g cartridge with 16 mixing tips.


Manufacturers Instructions

The manufacturers instructions were very accurate and understandable; they included the areas of application, finishing, shape correction, lining, and cementation. None of the Evaluators had a problem with following the instructions.


Consistency and Handling

Most evaluators felt the change in the material (Protemp™ 3 Garant compared to Protemp™ Plus) was beneficial and did make a difference in the polish. Some said the Protemp Plus material felt harder, which made it easier to trim and finish the margins.


Dispensing/Mixing Tips

Evaluators had no problems with the dispensing and mixing of the materials.



The extruding of the Protemp plus was smooth with minimal bubbles.



Most felt the shades were similar to other bis-arcylic on the market. Some thought the shades were a little lighter than the actual printed shade on the cartridge and box. SHADE

  • A1- Slightly lighter than Vita A1
  • A2- A1 Slightly lighter than Vita A2
  • A3-Closer to Vita A2
  • B3- more like an A3
  • Bleach- Closer to 030 on the Chromoscope Guide

Working and Setting Time

Most evaluators found that the setting time was what they were used too. Setting time from beginning to end was about 3 minutes. Removal from patient’s mouth from beginning to end was about 1.5 minutes.



All but one of the evaluators felt the polishing surface was very shiny. If there were adjustments to the surface of the restoration, finishing and polishing were made. One evaluator commented that she felt the need to glaze the provisional only due to protocols from the office provisional trimming process.


Evaluation Team Feedback

CPS review team felt the material was a significant positive shift compared to the previous material by 3M ESPE. The properties of the material allowed for a shiny surface brought to life by wiping with alcohol gauze. When used for anterior provisionals, we found no further polishing was needed for the facial surfaces. If margins were trimmed, however, polishing was needed. Trimming of the material was easier due to the hardness of the new formula. Shades were lighter that noted by the manufacturer, but no complaints from any patients were noted.


Figure 1. Spot Etch the Facial Surfaces of the teeth for 15 seconds.

Figure 2. Rinse for 15 seconds and dry. Apply Single Bond to the facial surfaces then light cure.

Figure 3. Extrude Protemp Plus into the putty relined matrix.

Figure 4. Load Protemp Plus from the facial filling impression to the gingival margins of the impression

Figure 5. Seat in the mouth and hold firmly in place for 4-5 minutes.

Figure 6. Check setting progress with an explorer. When material is fully set, remove matrix.

Figure 7. After the removal of the putty matrix, the oxygen inhibited layer is removed with ethanol.

Figure 8. Final look Protemp Plus Provisonals 7-10.

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CPS Rating

Very GoodVery GoodVery GoodVery GoodVery Good

Product Information


3M Corporate Headquarters
3M Center • St. Paul, MN 55144-1000

Operatory Technique

Evaluator Comments

“Very good product rate it excellent in shade acceptance.”

~Dr. Frank Milnar and Sharon Elvin 
MIssy Boutch"I've been using Protemp Plus (3M ESPE) for the past three years and have found it to be very reliable, easy to use, structurally sound, and highly esthetic.  It's an excellent material to work with."

~Dr. Chris Leisler and Missy Boutch



Dr. Kemp

"Pro Temp plus is probably the best temp material I have tried in years. The material produces a temporary more lifelike than any material I have used in the past ten years. I would highly recommend it."

~Dr. Phillip Kemp and Celeste Hammond