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Ice Anterior and Posterior Composite GoodGoodGoodGoodGood

Ice Anterior and Posterior Composite
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by SDI

Ice by SDI is a low shrinkage, translucent nano-hybrid composite used for both anterior and posterior restorations.

Clinical Indications

Direct and Indirect Restorations, Temporary Splinting, Core Build-Ups, Temporary Repairs on Porcelain and Composite


Most all the evaluators felt the packaging of the material was easy to store. Evaluators felt the smaller basic kit was easy to keep in the drawer for storage unlike most that had to be placed in supply cabinet do to size of box.

Manufacturers Instructions

The manufacturers instructions were very accurate and understandable. Each kit contained A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1.


SDI’s ICE comes in syringes or PLT’s (Pre-loaded Tips). When evaluators were asked what they prefer, 12 preferred the syringes to PLT’s due to cross contamination.

Handling and Sculptability

Majority of the evaluators felt SDI”s Ice was very easy to use with minimal “stick” to the instrument. Adapted well to cavity walls during placement and was non-slumping.

Shades Used Most/Least

  • Most Evaluators used A1, A2
  • Used Least-A3

Finishing and Polishing

Most felt polishing was easy. When asked what they used the response was Brasseler’s, Cosmodent, and Softflex discs.

Evaluation Team Feedback

SDI’s ICE composite is a blend of nanotechnology and hybrid technology for a ideal anterior/posterior restoration. Most of the evaluators used it for Anterior Composite restorations. Most felt is was a good material, but a little sticky than some of the others on the market. While it was that, almost all said it was an effective alternative universal composite which matched very well to the surrounding teeth. Some of the evaluators would like for the formula to be a little stiffer for posterior composite placement.

Ice Anterior and Posterior Composite

Pre Operative view of existing Occlusal Amalgam #29.

Optra Dam Plus was used to isolate the working area.

Omni Matrix was placed to secure tooth.

Etch with 37% phosphoric acid. Rinse and suction off access.

Apply multiple coats of bonding agent to manufacturer’s instructions being sure to air dry off solvent.

Light sure with Radi light source for 20 seconds.

Apply and cure ICE composite A1. YOu can apply a translucent shade if needed. Then light cure.

Post-Op photo of final restorations after finishing and polishing.

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Product Information

SDI Ice Anterior and Posterior Composite
729 N. Route 83, Suite 315
Bensenville, IL 60106


SDI Ice Anterior and Posterior Composite Kit
$305.10 for the 5 Syringe Kit

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Evaluator Comments

“In the posterior area, less layers were able to be used to achieve highly esthetic restorations.”
Dr. Taylor Wortman & Brittany Hebert

"It blended very well with the surrounding tooth color do to the excellent translucency. Excellent coloradaptation.”
Dr. Dory Stutman & Rianna Persad

“Easily adheres to tooth verses the instrument, great placement. The composite shade blended very nicely.”
Dr. Jeff Friend & Lavena Loving DA