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by Whip Mix



An appliance that provides rapid pain relief for head, neck and facial pain that is due to increased muscle activity.


The manufacturers instructions were included in the package along with a training CD and book for each of the evaluators.


EACH EVALUATOR RECEIVED 2 discluders, safety straps, and storage cases, the complete Best-Bite educational package including 2 educational videos on CD, patient brochures for the waiting room, the book Stop Headaches Now and detailed doctor and patient insturction


The Best-Bite Discluder assists in the diagnosis of head, neck and facial pain due to occlusal interference.


This device must only be used for adults over the age of 18 or for children with strict parental supervision. The patient must not have loose front teeth, bridges, and fillings Or large open cavities in the front teeth. Always use the safety strap.


With a review from 20 evaluation team members and used on 31 patients, the Best Bite Discluder worked nicely for the initial diagnostics and gave immediate diagnostics as to occluso-muscle headaches. Most all of the evaluation team asked the patient’s if they suffered from headaches. 92% of the patients said yes they would try the Best Bite. Most of the offices who evaluated the Best Bite use a lucia Jig or an NTI and felt this was a very good alternative. 50% said they would like to see a firm bite registration material included in the packaging. 75% of the evaluators felt that the “one size fits all” approach worked for most of the patients, while the others said a severe class 2 was needed. 2 of the evaluators said they would never use this product.  When asked what they liked the most about the Best Bite, Most felt it was easy to fabricate but noted it was only for short time wear. The lanyard helped to make sure patients didn’t loose it at night. When asked what they liked least, some said it was a little bulky and would like to have a smaller size offered. One evaluator said the relative largeness compared to other similar devices gives patients the piece of mind that they won’t “swallow” it as they have always felt with all of the other anterior deprogrammers.

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Product Information

Whip Mix


8 Patient Introductory Kit Price: $159.99

Evaluator Comments

“For anyone using Lucia jigs, or leaf gauges routinely in their practice for determining occlusal interferences to CR, the Best Bite system should prove invaluable.”– Dr. Ray Becker

“I love this product... incredibly easy to use, and gives us immediate diagnostics as to occluso-muscle headaches... the relative largeness compared to other similar devices gives patients the piece of mind that they won’t “swallow” it as they have always felt with all of the other anterior deprogrammers. It also saves the lab time that would be needed to make customized deprogrammers in-office or sourced out. Several of my patients immediately felt that they could not live without it, and are in the records process to determine definitive therapies. Immediate relief of discomfort and immediate diagnosis, along with compelling patients into treatment. A win-win-win that will increase your bottom line as well as effectively services your patients!!!” – Dr. Raj Upadya

“An extremely valuable and simple pearl that you can implement in your practice immediately. If you have minimal experience treating TMD this is a nice way to test the waters.”– Dr. Dory Stutman


  1. Seat the patient in a reclined position and ask them to rate Their current pain from 1 to 10.
  2. Place the bite registration material (Recommended: Heavy Body, not too hard setting, 1 minute set time) or acrylic in the Discluder so that the bite former is evenly filled.  (Figure 1)
  3. Place the Best-Bite™ Discluder on the upper central incisors so that the top teeth bite into the custom liner material. The bite former should sit squarely on the teeth so that the flat surface on the bottom is parallel to the incisal edges. The extension for the safety strap should be centered.  (Figure 2)
  4. Immediately after seating the bite former on the top front teeth, the patient should slowly tap their front bottom teeth against the inclined plane of the bite former. (Figure 3)
  5. The doctor should guide the patient to gently tap their teeth against the Best-Bite Discluder. Instruct the patient to aim to bite on their back teeth with a gentle force, so the lower jaw does not protrude, at a rate of 10-12 taps per minute.
  6. Continue tapping gently for approximately 2 minutes.
  7. Ask the patient to pause tapping and rate their pain from 1 to 10 and note the improvement.
  8. Some patients may need longer to feel relief. They may be left reclined to gently tap for 10-15 minutes off and on.
  9. If there is pain relief, ask the patient to rate their pain again, between 1 and 10, and note the change from the baseline rating.
  10. Palpate the lateral pterygoid, massater and temporalis muscles, noting any change in the level of pain.
  11. Use the pain relief provided by the Discluder as a means of setting treatment outcome expectations for the patient. (Figure 4)